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Asheville Morris Practice Tunes
the Tune Shepherds campsite
EW Login via Python CGI
Conversion Chart (getImage test)
Email List Signup via Ajax (sample)
Signups Viewer via CGI (sample)
Asheville Morris Events & Participants Scheduler
Ashgrove Garland Events & Participants Scheduler
Shop for Beta Scarves
A Menu To Nowhere
A Well-Tempered Calendar for 2024
A Well-Tempered Calendar for 2023
Cross-Reference for Gregorian / Well-Tempered Dates
Useless Query Builder via Javascript, Python, SQL, Ajax
EG pricing calculator via Javascript, Python Ajax
EG Item Info lookup via Javascript, Python Ajax
UPS Rate lookup via Javascript, Python Ajax
Useless Login via Python CGI
View Useless Data via Javascript, Python Ajax
Units of Measurement conversion via Javascript
EG Item Info lookup via Python CGI
EG pricing calculator via Python CGI/CSS
UPS Rate lookup via Python CGI
MSDS via Python CGI/CSS
Puzzle via Javascript

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