About this stuff:

cmwangs.com is a site where I develop and test little projects, mostly out of curiosity and attempts to learn.

Presently, the focus is on CGI scripts using Python2.7 and the built-in SQLite3 database. The newest project is generally 2nd from the top of the list of links... assuming that this 'about' message is on top.

At any time, unfinished 'Work In Progress' (i.e. 'doesn't work until I make some progress') may appear, so don't be startled if you see strange error messages. They are my clues. Each new idea takes a rough ride the first time out; the error messages try to tell me where the toy train ran off the track.

Perhaps I should add a mailbox for bug reports or comments, but I haven't set up anything like that yet.

Michael Garner