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The Tune Shepherds are a trio of Asheville musicians playing 17th & 18th Century Scottish tunes, adding a southern American touch.
Led by Grammy-winning guitarist Bruce Nemerov, this folk-chamber group also displays the talent of well-known Asheville musicians Michael Garner (fiddle) and Chris Abell (flute, whistle and drum).

Beginning in the 1600’s and reaching full bloom mid-1700s, music in Scotland took on new forms. Social dance tunes, strathspeys, slow airs and ballad tunes display a character unique to Scotland.
Edinburgh’s robust 18th C. music publishing companies preserved these tunes in collections still available today thanks to digitization by The National Library of Scotland and other institutions.
We have sifted this repertoire, given the tunes modern arrangements and, with amusing and informative introductions, present the peculiar music that illuminates the culture and history of a special place.

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